Jamie Dornan Might Be Delivering Our Full-Frontal Fantasy After All

jamie dornan amelia warnerMaybe it was at the urging of his costar Dakota Johnson, or perhaps EL James and director James Foley felt it necessary, but signs seems to be pointing to yes, Jamie Dornan will go full frontal for Fifty Shades Darker. It's the extra plot twist we all want.


I choose to believe the hype ... because that means for every day until the premiere of Darker (and there are a lot left until February 10) and for every minute while sitting through the movie, I will be waiting, anticipating, longing to see more of "the D," as Dakota has said.

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We've all fantasized about it. It's almost like we've already seen it because we read the books and we know ... we know. And it seems only fair. In a movie all about sex (and romance and thrills and chills), why wouldn't we see a whole lot of skin from both stars? Here are three reasons why Jamie needs to get naked.

1. We sure see a lot of Dakota.

2. In order to have the kind of sex Ana and Christian do in Fifty Shades, it takes a whole lot of nudity. Let's have movie authenticity and show more Dornan skin.

3. Fans want it. Period.

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Of course there is that age-old movie double standard, but come on now. It's 2016 -- time for some change. Movie reform. Right here in our favorite flick.

We did get plenty of almosts in Fifty Shades of Grey when it comes to seeing all of Dornan, so we are now hopeful Darker will deliver "the D." Fingers, toes, legs, arms crossed.


Image via Keene/Splash News

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