Dakota Johnson Is a Single Woman Again

dakota johnson matthew hittJust when we thought they were hitting their stride in love, Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt have broken up again ... for perhaps the fiftieth (shades of grey) time. We had just been fawning over their matching outfits and and public displays of affection.


Love is hell. Or something.

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Dakota has talked about how challenging dating can be (preach!) and there is that extra element with her being Anastasia Steele and all. It takes a secure person to date her and we thought Matthew Hitt was it -- he who is her on-again and now off-again man of two or so years. But it seems that these two are over ... again ... for now. Or forever?

How many times can a couple break up and get back together? Well, that depends. People do it all the time.

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This breakup news comes from a source close to Dakota who reported the demise to Us Weekly. Dakota is currently in full Ana mode, filming Fifty Shades Freed. Matthew is in a band called Drowners and they have their own thing going on. Perhaps these two sometimes-lovebirds get together when the timing is right and they don't put any pressure on their status. And now they are just going their own way. Laters, baby.

Should we take bets if these two will get back together by fall?


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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