16 Pics of Dakota Johnson Before She Became Anastasia Steele

Michele Zipp | May 30, 2016 Movies
Image: Splash News

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Dakota Johnson is our Anastasia Steele and she plays the role to perfection. But there was a time when she was just known as Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's daughter. These pics of Dakota before Fifty Shades of Grey came along really show how much she's transformed. Because of her famous parents, Dakota has been in the public eye since she was a kid ... and had blonde hair. It's inspiring to see her transformation, mostly because this girl has been stylish since birth. 

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We are obsessed with all things Fifty Shades of Grey, which means that we're OBSESSED with all things Dakota Johnson. We love her acting prowess, her fashionable choices, and especially we love how she's transformed to become one of the most glamorous Hollywood stars. Her red carpet style has completely transformed. From being a cute kid who came to premieres on the arm of her mom Melanie Griffith, to her awkward teenage years, to her days as a struggling actress, and now her full transformation into a Hollywood A-lister -- we can't get enough!

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Read on to see Dakota's full transformation from cute kid to glamorous grown-up. 

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