Dakota Johnson Gives Us Some Unexpected Details About 'Darker' & 'Freed'

dakota johnsonWith Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed being filmed back-to-back, there certainly is a lot of BDSM happening for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (speaking with certainty on their movie roles only). Dakota has called the filming a "marathon" but added another tidbit about the movies that we didn't expect.


"It's going really well," she told Yahoo Movies on filming the two flicks, and seemed to hint how exhausting it was by adding in that it was like a marathon. But she also mentioned how she hopes Darker and Freed will also be "funny."

Funny? Yes, funny as in ha ha.

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"We're trying to figure out all the best ways to level out the emotional aspects of the story, as well as the comedic notes. Hopefully these films will be funny -- that's what I appreciate about them," she said. How much do we love Dakota?!

It is the campy bits of the film that made it so likable. I mean ... that hardware store scene? Good stuff, right there. And our Anastasia Steele certainly isn't a stuffy boring kind of person -- she's silly sometimes, with a great sense of humor. She's the one who is bringing out the funny side of Christian. It can't all be spankings and gray ties.

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So now we know. Darker and Freed won't just be "darker," but will continue that humor that only Fifty Shades can. At least, that's the intent and what Dakota (and we) hope.


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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