The Cast of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Then & Now

Rebecca Deczynski | May 28, 2016 Movies

It's been 30 years since Ferris Bueller took the most incredible day off from school, and while a lot has changed since we first saw the '80s flick, we still love it more than ever. With plenty of hijinks, quotable moments, and the perfect soundtrack, Ferris Bueller's Day Off remains a favorite film even decades after its premiere. So in honor of the movie's 30th anniversary, we're taking a look at the actors who made the film so great — both then and now.

Click through for a peek at your favorite cast members from Ferris Bueller, and find out what they've been doing since that fateful romp through Chicago while playing hooky from high school.


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  • Mia Sara -- Then


    This actress got her second film credit ever as cool girl Sloane Peterson—the apple of Ferris's eye. Before that, she starred in 1985's Legend, alongside Tom Cruise.

  • Mia Sara -- Now


    Since Ferris Bueller, Sara has mainly taken TV roles in short series such as Birds of Prey and made-for-TV movies such as Lost in Oz. Although she made a major splash in Ferris Bueller, Mia Sara has not seen too much of the spotlight since.

  • Alan Ruck -- Then


    This actor made an affably endearing best friend and somewhat hesitant accomplice in this '80s hit. Alan Ruck nabbed the part of Cameron Frye just three years after making his on-screen debut in 1983's Bad Boys.

  • Alan Ruck -- Now


    Besides his role in Ferris Bueller, Ruck is most known for playing the part of Stuart Bondeck in Spin City. More recently, he has made appearances in shows such as The Middle and Psych. Although he has worked consistently since the '80s, it's likely that Ruck will always be beloved for his role as the hypochondriac best friend Cameron.

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  • Jennifer Grey -- Then


    No one could help but sympathize with the unabashedly sassy Jennifer Grey in her role as Ferris Bueller's sister, Jeanie. Why is it that siblings always seem to get away with everything?

  • Jennifer Grey -- Now


    Nobody puts Jennifer Grey in the corner! A year after Ferris Bueller, Grey famously made her major mark (and earned her only Golden Globe nomination) as Baby Houseman in Dirty Dancing. More recently, she's played several characters in Phineas and Ferb and appears on Amazon Prime's Red Oaks, a show set in the '80s. 

  • Charlie Sheen -- Then


    Starting his career in the early '80s with an assortment of TV movies, Charlie Sheen made an appearance in Ferris Bueller as an advice-giving, leather jacket–wearing stranger that Jeanie meets in the police station.

  • Charlie Sheen -- Now


    This actor is best known for his roles in both Two and a Half Men and Anger Management, which made him a household name —it's easy to forget that he was even in Ferris Bueller. However, his role as a bad boy in Bueller may have been forboding—Sheen is equally known for his refusal to go to Alcoholics Anonymous because it wasn't for "people with tiger blood" and his complicated divorce and custody cases with ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller. Most recently, Sheen has been in the spotlight for coming out as HIV-positive.

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  • Matthew Broderick -- Then


    Who could forget Matthew Broderick as the lovable troublemaker (and titular character) in Ferris Bueller? This was the role that made the actor a star—and gave him his only Golden Globe nomination.

  • Matthew Broderick -- Now


    Since his Ferris Bueller days, Matthew Broderick has remained in the spotlight, nabbing roles in blockbuster hits such as The Lion King (as adult Simba!), Stepford Wives, and Godzilla, in addition to flexing his stage acting muscles as a Broadway regular in shows like The Producers (which eventually transitioned to film with both Broderick and Nathan Lane). In 1997, he married fellow '80s star Sarah Jessica Parker, and they remain one of New York City's coolest couples. Broderick has made a serious name for himself in the film industry and in popular culture—no wonder he made a cameo as himself in Amy Schumer's 2015 film Trainwreck.

  • Jeffrey Jones -- Then


    As Principal Rooney, Jeffrey Jones undoubtedly received a lot of empathy from parents and teachers watching Ferris Bueller as it debuted 30 years ago. His attempts to catch Bueller may have been outrageous, but always entertaining.

  • Jeffrey Jones -- Now


    Through the '90s and early 2000s, Jones remained a screen staple in movies such as Stuart Little and Sleepy Hollow. His most recent screen appearance was the 2014 drama 10.0 Earthquake.

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  • Edie McClurg -- Then


    Although she is mainly known for voice acting, Edie McClurg appeared in Ferris Bueller as Principal Rooney's sweet, well-meaning assistant, Grace.

  • Edie McClurg -- Now


    With parts in films like Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Cars, it's safe to say that Edie McClurg has had—and continues to have—a wonderful career. She has been in nearly 90 movies, most of which are childhood favorites in many. She may not be the most recognizable screen actress, but chances are, you've heard her voice.