Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey's Wedding Photos Have Arrived

dakota johnson jamie dornanWhile it does supply the ultimate of spoilers, we cannot help but be over the moon over the just-released photos from Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey's wedding day. The Fifty Shades characters are getting married!


Supreme spoiler alert!

It's in Fifty Shades Freed that Ana and Christian get married -- and we know they are filming Darker and Freed back-to-back (or maybe even simultaneously). And while we have been supplied so many behind-the-scenes pics from filming, we really cannot believe that we get to feast our eyes on the moment Ana and Christian get hitched. It's like candy for the eyes.

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The wedding venue is totally on point. A little rustic feeling inside but a lavish outside. Perfection. Ana's strapless gown is gorgeous, and we get pics of her with hair totally up and then some with it partially down. Reception change up, perhaps? Christian is not in gray and instead wearing black, noting some symbolism that he isn't fifty shades of fu*&ed up anymore. Or ... is he? 

But let's take a moment and discuss the quote on the final photo: "Finally you're mine." Can he, meaning Christian Grey, let a little of that dominance go? Or save it for the bedroom! This "you're mine" mentality is a bit overpowering. Can't Ana get a little autonomy? Okay, okay. Maybe Ana's saying the same thing and it's all just a big ole romantic love fest. Of course it is! This is a wedding of fantastical proportions. Ana and Christian forever.


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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