18 Controversial Casting Decisions That Made Headlines

Sometimes, Hollywood gets it all wrong, making casting decisions that range from baffling and incongruous to disrespectful and downright offensive. For starters, whitewashing and race-bending practices have existed for years, with white actors playing people of color and infuriating many in the process. Then there are those instances in which the actor selected lacks the temperament, energy, presence, or physical attributes to truly breathe life into a given role. 


But it doesn't always lead to gloom and doom when producers and directors think outside the box. Some of the most memorable on-screen performances were delivered by actors whose castings were met with massive skepticism. Case in point: Heath Ledger's poignant performance as the Joker.

Whether they were disastrous or triumphant, check out some of the casting decisions that kicked up some major dust over the years.


Image via RLJ Entertainment

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