Anastasia Steele's 'Other Man' Spills Details About 'Fifty Shades Darker'

tyler hoechlinIf you can concentrate enough to read this after looking deep into Tyler Hoechlin's eyes, then you'll learn exactly what he has to say about being added to the Fifty Shades Darker cast. Hoechlin plays Boyce Fox, the gorgeous author who works very closely with Anastasia Steele.


In the movie full of incredibly good-looking people, it's no wonder Hoechlin was cast. Fans will remember this guy from his run on Teen Wolf (howl!), but he's about to take on some more serious subject matter ... that is quite adult and sexy ... with his role as Fox, the other man in Ana's life. 

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Now, he's not exactly the other man but he does have Ana's attention. He is the first author Ana signs on to SIP, Seattle Independent Publishing -- so she saw his talent and wasn't just mesmerized by his looks. That's for us to do. Thanks, Ana! Hoechlin talked about his role in Fifty Shades and I sense he's being a little coy. "So I'll tell you what I can tell you," he teased in an interview with HeyUGuys. "Boyce Fox is an author that Dakota Johnson's character is very fond of his work and so he is someone she is interested in bringing into the company, and that's all I can say."

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Okay, okay. What is he really trying to say. "Fond of his work"? Is that a clue that means something else?

Doubtful. But we can go ahead and assume that he will make Christian Grey very, very jealous because that's just how Grey is. And maybe, just maybe, Ana confesses (to herself) some little fantasies she has about Fox. I mean, who wouldn't? Look at this guy!

Keep talking, Hoechlin ... we look forward to more of your teasing.


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