Dakota Johnson Takes on a Thrilling New Role

dakota johnsonWith Fifty Shades Darker going the way of thriller with its heavy subject matter (in addition to the spankings and sex), it makes sense the film's star Dakota Johnson may be drawn to similar roles. And she's now landed one. Dakota is going to be in a new film ... with the guy who played Spider-Man.


Dakota and Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield are set to star in Under the Silver Lake, a film by David Robert Mitchell that is being called a "modern-day-noir crime thriller." Mitchell is responsible for the terrifying film It Follows. I am envisioning a very dark set, dreary days by Silver Lake, and at least one make-out session between Dakota and Andrew in the film.


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Everything is just beginning to get rolling with this movie, and as we know, Dakota is a wee bit busy at the moment filming back-to-back Fifty Shades films -- Darker and Freed. However, it was reported that production on Under the Silver Lake is going to be starting this summer. As in really soon. Dakota sure is keeping herself really busy. I suppose she is all set in juggling when she will be slipping into being Anastasia Steele and when she goes into being whatever her name will be in Under the Silver Lake. It has been said that the movie is based in Los Angeles, so it's a hunch they will film there as well.

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Basically, Dakota's summer is going to be all about hanging out with Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield, separately. Yeah. Some people have all the luck.


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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