14 Behind-the-Scenes 'Fifty Shades Darker' Pics With the Whole Grey Family

Michele Zipp | May 10, 2016 Movies

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Seeing the behind-the-scene pics from Fifty Shades Darker allows us to feel like the ultimate insider. We need to know what's going on with filming, we need to see the chemistry, and get some clues about what's in the store. The actress who plays Christian Grey's mom, Marcia Gay Harden, took over the Fifty Shades Instagram and shared a whole lot. Can we get a praise hands emoji over here? Seriously, Marcia, this is the good work that we all can appreciate.

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We get a peek at Jamie Dornan looking as handsome as ever, along with Rita Ora's new look for Mia Grey. Shocking! There are also quite a few props and items from wardrobe that are very intriguing. We love seeing all the little details that make our favorite flicks! And while we kinda already know what's going to happen, plot-wise -- because, duh, we've read the books -- we are just anxious to see what everything is going to look like. To be honest, waiting between films is roughhhh. Take a look at Marcia's behind-the-scenes pics and marvel at the next chapter in Christian and Ana's lives!

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Read on to see all the behind-the-scenes photos -- we know we can hardly wait to see what's changed from the last movie! 

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