This 'Bad Moms' Preview Will Make You Feel Better About Not Following the Rules

bad moms trailer If you're a mom who's ever agreed to bring in your child's class snack only to receive a super-long list of banned ingredients that left you wondering why on earth you volunteered in the first place, grab your BFFs and your popcorn money -- there's a movie you must see! Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell star as Bad Moms, who are taking back the mother 'hood in a big, bad way that'll make you laugh 'til you cry.


From the creators of The Hangover, this new film hits theaters July 29, and it looks like it's sure to be a summer blockbuster.

Check out this NSFW trailer and start your countdown to opening night:

How awesome does it look to watch these mamas attempt to overthrow the queen bees in the form of overachieving PTA moms, portrayed hilariously by Christina Applegate and Jada Pinkett Smith? For any mom who is trying to juggle a thousand things at once and feels like she's failing at all of them, this one's for you!

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Even though their daughters are still pretty little, we have to imagine that Mila and Kristen can relate to what their characters are going through, and if not, boy, this is great foreshadowing! Do they take it to the extent of doing Whip-Its and critiquing each other's bras in real life? We'll just have to wonder about that!

But, really, motherhood is tough enough with ultra-competitive parents who want to make everything harder than it has to be. Even if you don't have it in you to get up to the hijinks these ladies pursue, it's still fun to think about!


Images via STX Entertainment/YouTube

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