Rita Ora's Met Gala Selfie Speaks Volumes About 'Becky With the Good Hair'

rita oraThere were some major rumblings that Rita Ora was "Becky with the good hair"  -- the other woman Beyonce sings about in the song "Sorry" on Lemonade. But Rita wants to make it crystal clear that she did not have an affair with Jay Z, and to further prove it, she took a "family" pic with Bey.


It was more than just Rita's good hair that made the Beyhive ready to sting. Rita wore the very same red and white Gucci skirt and top that Bey wore in her "Formation" video and she took a Snapchat of herself in a bra with lemons on it. Um ... coincidence? The Beyhive didn't think so and they assumed she was Becky. Rita and Jay Z worked together years ago at Roc Nation when she was first becoming known so that just added to the fire.

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But there is nothing but love and respect between these two ladies. Here's the proof:

@beyonce @ritaora #metgala #newyork #ritaora

A photo posted by � (@ritaorasnapchat) on

Bey and Rita were at the 2016 Met Gala party, and in the age of social media, a Snapchat selfie together means there is nothing but L-O-V-E.

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Rita already addressed the hater-ade on Twitter last week, saying the rumors are false and urging fans (and foes) to just "keep enjoying Lemonade." Good move, Rita. I sure will! I think the photo was needed, though. No one was going to believe her until there was proof of this kind. We needed to see Rita and Bey all close and smiling for a photo. To push the matter even more, Rita typed out "Family" with a heart on one of the Snapchat photos, too. She's a smart cookie.

Hopefully that helped the Beyhive see with their own eyes that it really is all good between these two. Besides, they are tied in another way as well -- Bey had a song on Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack and, as we all know, Rita plays Christian's sister, Mia. Family for real.


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