Jamie Dornan Shares a Sweet Moment With His Movie Mom

jamie dornanThe ridiculously good-looking Jamie Dornan was spotted getting a kiss from a woman who isn't his wife (Amelia Warner) nor his main co-star in Fifty Shades Darker (Dakota Johnson). The sweet smooch came from his movie mom, Marcia Gay Harden.


It's hard to believe that Marcia can play any adult's mom on film -- she looks so young! But the 56-year-old does play Mrs. Grey, Christian's mom, in the Fifty Shades of Grey films. She's back for Darker as well.

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Such beautiful people. This lets us know that they are currently filming some parent and family scenes for Darker -- Marcia notes that she is back on schedule for May 4. Perhaps that means that Kim Basinger will soon be reporting to set as well. We know Rita Ora has been on set and she plays Christian's little sister Mia.

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It's also sweet that Marcia captions the photo "Mama bear kisses her sweet boy! Love this kid!" It seems they grew close while filming and that mother-son bond is something that Jamie no doubt misses with his own mother -- she passed away when he was only 16. Such a heartbreaking loss for a kid, for anyone at any age. And it's lovely that Marcia is "mama bear" protective over her movie son.


Image via WUF/Splash News

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