Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner Caught Out on a Hot Date

jamie dornan amelia warnerWhen you have two kids, finding time for date night with your significant other can be a challenge. Not so for Mr. Cool Guy Romantic, Jamie Dornan. Dornan took a break from filming Fifty Shades Darker to take wife Amelia Warner to see Rihanna in concert.


These two! I love their joie de vivre, their love for each other, their ability to say "hey, let's get a sitter and go out to a concert like we used to do before we had kids." Jamie may be filming Darker with its more intense scenes and plenty of sexy time with costar Dakota Johnson, but he's making sure he stays connected with his wife in really cool ways. Date night with Rihanna music ... live? Yes, please. And they didn't have to go far -- the gorgeous husband and wife went to Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada (where Darker is being filmed), to see the show. Which means that Amelia and the kids are staying close to Jamie as he films.

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Do you think they sang "Work" together? Or did they mouth the words and dance along? Did they do a little Drake and Rihanna reenactment? My goodness! I sure hope so.

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While at the concert, Jamie looked a bit Christian Grey-esque wearing a suit jacket and white shirt. Amelia was in red and was as stunning as ever. They were in the crowd just like everyone else and Jamie even took some photos with his phone of Rihanna on stage. Just like all the other superfans. I can't help but wonder how many Christian Grey superfans took photos of him.


Image via Elliot/Splash News

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