New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Pics Show Things Getting Intense Between Ana & Christian (PHOTOS)

fifty shades darkerThere is some major drama on set of Fifty Shades Darker and it's all for the film ... nothing to do with any actor issues. This very tense scene with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as our Christian and Ana really shows some strong emotions.


It is believed to be the scene after Ana encounters the issue with Jack Hyde, her boss and Christian's rival. Ana is distraught and rightfully so -- things got really bad in the office with Jack. He assaults her and tries to sexually blackmail her.

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ana steele christian grey

ana steele christian grey

jamie dornan fifty shades darker set

It seems Ana is trying to explain what happened to Christian. Maybe he's trying to get as much information out of her as he can. She's clearly angry, upset, and feeling violated. As Christian is learning what has happened, he's getting more and more angry.

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It's fascinating to see how actors can just slip into these characters and play these parts that require so much out of them. Seeing the film's crew in the background really drives that home. People are there with lights, makeup, cameras filming their every move and they have to pretend they don't notice -- they stay in the moment to capture the scene.

This scene is proof of their talents. But can you imagine what it's like to film those spanking scenes? Even just a naked kissing scene? With all that hoopla around you? My word! Fifty Shades Darker really goes there when it comes to the naughty -- and judging by these photos they also really dare to tackle the intensity of depicting sexual harassment. I think Darker is most certainly going to be darker ... better ... and take us way deeper than we can imagine.


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