Rita Ora Starts Her Mia Grey Makeover for 'Fifty Shades Darker' (PHOTO)

rita oraRita Ora is in Vancouver, which means she is transforming herself into Mia Grey -- Christian's "bratty" little sister in Fifty Shades Darker. The transformation is great because Mia isn't exactly the type for cornrows or long flowing blonde hair, which is more Rita's style.


One question, though ... will she be blonde, as this behind-the-scenes photo suggests?

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Doubtful. Mia's hair is dark and with a blunt cut -- sharp bangs and unimaginably silky black. This look is most likely phase one of the transformation. Braids out, hair straightened, and prepped for the "Mia Grey" wig, which I am assuming she will be wearing. Though we all know the power of the hair extension and how much Rita loves putting them in her hair, I'm going to guess she isn't going to cut her hair that short or put it through the coloring process to make it black. 

Rita really is the perfect Mia because she is such a chameleon in real life as well. It's easy for her to slip into a role of a French-speaking, cello-playing, fancy-pants little sister of a filthy rich Christian Grey (who has a BDSM lifestyle).

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And if the movies stay true to the books, we should expect to get to know Mia a bit more in Darker as well as in Fifty Shades Freed. More Rita? Yes, please.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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