16 of Christian's Best Lines From 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Michele Zipp | Apr 19, 2016 Movies

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Oh that Fifty Shades' Christian Grey, he is a man of singular tastes, but he also certainly has a way with words, doesn't he? The things that man says to Anastasia Steele ... they get the heart racing and fill the mind with some very sexy (and oftentimes pretty naughty) thoughts. But he's complex too, as he's also got quite the romantic side, as well. Maybe that's why he's a fictional character, a fantasy concocted by EL James herself, but we can't help but eat up every word.

In Fifty Shades Darker, we must go through a bunch of ups and downs with Christian and Ana and their relationship. Things fall apart. They come back together. Everything gets seriously intense along the way. And of course, there's plenty of steamy, raw lust and conversation mixed in between. Through all this, we get to know Mr. Grey and his past all the more -- and we get to know his insides a bit more, too, mostly when he delivers all his best, most intoxicating lines to Ana, like it's his job (can't wait for Jamie Dornan to do his!). 

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From super sexy and downright dark to irresistibly romantic and pensively poetic, here are some of our favorite quotes to come from Mr. Grey's oh-so-kissable lips in Fifty Shades Darker. We really hope to hear Jamie Dornan say them all once the movie comes out in theaters.

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