Here's the First Look at Ana & Christian as Husband & Wife in 'Fifty Shades Darker' (PHOTOS)

dakota johnson jamie dornanJust before Dakota Johnson went on her mini-break for reasons unknown, she and Jamie Dornan filmed what appeared to be a very major scene. One that involves Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele, and a diamond ring. Married? Married! The photos from those scenes are straight out of a fairy tale.


The rock that's weighing down Ana's finger is of course massive because Grey wouldn't propose without some major statement-making bling. (Not that true romantics care what size the rock is, but this is the movies, and in the movies, go big or go home.) Besides ... Christian Grey!

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Not only is that an engagement ring, but a wedding band, too. Giving us a look at Mr. and Mrs. Vanilla Sex. Or Mr. and Mrs. Kinky F-ckery. Okay, okay -- Mr. and Mrs. Grey.

Take a look at them frolicking in the gardens, being playful, and their chemistry oozing out all over the place, most likely pollinating those flowers and making everything bloom bigger and brighter. Dakota's cheeks probably hurt from smiling so much during this filming and maybe that's why she took a few days off after.

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I can imagine that conversation now. Dakota tells director James Foley, "I need to rest -- those smiling scenes took a lot out of my cheeks." With Foley replying, "No problem. Take three days off, then return with your other cheeks ready for action." Hey ... it is Fifty Shades Darker.

These "so in love" scenes featuring Christian and Ana are exactly what makes this film the love story that it is. Sigh ... romance and bondage go together so well.


Image via Karadshow/Splash News

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