Dakota Johnson Is Taking a Break From Filming 'Fifty Shades Darker'

dakota johnsonFilming Fifty Shades Darker seems to be as intense as we had suspected. We know the second installment was more of a thriller, but we didn't think it would have our Anastasia Steele needing to take a break. It was reported that Dakota Johnson has left Vancouver where Darker is being filmed ... and the rumors surrounding that departure have a dark undertone.


Apparently she has some dark circles under her eyes or something, so say the gossips who saw her catching a flight home from the Fifty Shades Darker location. Umm ... I think I'd be a bit tired too if I was filming intense scenes about a boss sexually harassing me or having an ex approach me with bandaged wrists noting a suicide attempt or the stress of having to make out with the incredibly sexy Jamie Dornan. There is a lot going on here. So ... a break is exactly what Dakota deserves. She's tired? Let her rest.

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Besides, maybe it was a scheduled break. Maybe the scenes being filmed now are with Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln before she meets up with Ana. Which could only mean one thing -- behind-the-scenes pics of Basinger as Mrs. Robinson! THAT is major! So we don't have to read into this and freak out that something is awry at the most anticipated sequel being filmed ever. 

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Okay, I'm being dramatic. But seriously, let's not freak. Let's save the freaky behavior for Christian Grey.


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