Sexy Actor Joins 'Fifty Shades Darker' Cast to Play Christian's Psychologist

hugh dancyIn Fifty Shades Darker, we'll get to meet Elena Lincoln, played by Kim Basinger. She's the OD, original dom, and the woman who introduced Christian to his "singular tastes." And because of his sordid past, Christian decides to see Dr. John Flynn, a psychiatrist -- and it has just been revealed who will be playing Dr. Flynn. It's ... like ... major.


That "like" was a hint. Hugh Dancy has been cast as Dr. John Flynn. The Hugh Dancy who is married to the Claire Danes. She who was in My So-Called Life and abused the word "like" in the best way, like, possible.

Hugh Dancy, people! This is major!

Hugh Dancy has been cast as Christian Grey's psychiatrist Dr. John Flynn in #FiftyShadesDarker.

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This puts us two degrees away from Jordan Catalano. I mean, Jared Leto. I find this thrilling for some reason. But not as thrilling as Darker is supposed to be. Plus, there is the star power of Claire Danes to consider. She will most likely be walking the red carpet with her husband for the premiere. Now we're talking about a massively major red carpet -- not only are Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan big stars now thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, but we've added Kim Basinger and Hugh Dancy to the roster ... plus all the other lovelies whose names will become more known. Amaze.

In Darker, Dr. Flynn is a British guy who relocates to Seattle with his American wife. They have two kids and he not only treats Christian, but also Leila Williams (Christian's ex sub, played by Bella Heathcote). A little odd -- but that's how EL James wrote it in the book. Dr. Flynn and Christian strike up a bit of a friendship, too, so we'll see how that plays out in the film.

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In real life, besides being married to and having a child named Cyrus with Claire Danes, the incredibly handsome Dancy is a 40-year-old Brit who was in the TV series Hannibal and Elizabeth I. He was also in the film Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway. I have a feeling that Dancy and Dornan are going to be buds, if they aren't already.

Well played, Fifty Shades Darker casting crew. Well played.


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