10 Ways 'Fifty Shades Darker' Will Take Us in a Different Direction Than 'Grey'

Michele Zipp | Apr 11, 2016 Movies

dakota johnson jamie dornanSequels always have a new twist and a different feel, renewing our love of the first film and drawing us in deeper with the second. That's what happening with Fifty Shades Darker even though it's still only in production. Things are different this time around -- very, very different.

Darker picks up just where Grey leaves off, but it also unearths a lot of the past -- specifically Christian's past. That is just one part of the many elements that makes Darker so different. Let's review.


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  • We learn more about Christian.


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    We knew about Christian's taste in hardware store ropes in Fifty Shades of Grey, but they barely scratched the surface in getting to know the other sides of Mr. Grey. In Darker, we get more -- his past really comes into the present in three very big ways. Those ways are through Elena, Leila, and Jack.

  • Ana gets a job.


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    In Darker, Ana has a job and one where she is working with authors. Which means she isn't as accessible to Christian as she was when she was still in college. Or so we think. While she does face some serious issues with her boss at work, she is also gaining an independence of sorts.

  • We see how Ana and Christian reconcile.


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    Things go south with these two in Fifty Shades Darker. But in true romance story form, they get back together. Just how that happens will play out in the second installment. We get to see if Ana gains any hindsight.

  • We get to see Christian's exes.


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    As Darker delves deep into Christian's past, we get the pleasure of meeting his ex-submissive, Leila Williams (played by Bella Heathcote), and his original dom, Elena Lincoln (played by Kim Basinger). This uncovers all sorts of drama and suppressed issues for Grey, making this second installment extra intriguing.

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  • Ana grows more dominant in some ways.


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    Without giving too much away, let's just say that Ana makes Christian sweat a little in Darker. She isn't just saying yes to his every whim. And she is a little more daring in the bedroom despite saying her sex life with Grey is vanilla.

  • Different director and screenplay writer.


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    There is a lot of new blood to make Darker very different. With James Foley as the director and Niall Leonard as the new screenwriter, we can expect a different feel while keeping true to certain themes.

  • It's quite dark.


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    There is a suicide attempt, sexual harassment, awkward ex-lover situations, and kinky f-ckery, so it will most definitely be darker.

  • It has major star power.


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    Two words: Kim Basinger. Two more: Hugh Dancy. Also director James Foley. Major star power added to the massively amazing cast and crew.

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  • Sex. Sex. And more sex.


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    We aren't banking on full-frontal-Jamie dreams to come true, but we do know there will be some seriously sexy love scenes happening this time around. Grey delivered, but Darker will take it to a whole other level.

  • Ana and Christian's relationship will be seriously tested.


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    Some very serious stuff is going to go down in Darker -- things that really hurt Ana and it's all Christian's fault. It's all about his past coming back to not only haunt him, but her as well.

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