8 'Fifty Shades Darker' Pics That Prove Dakota & Jamie's Chemistry Is Off the Charts

Michele Zipp | Apr 6, 2016 Movies
8 'Fifty Shades Darker' Pics That Prove Dakota & Jamie's Chemistry Is Off the Charts
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There is a whole lot happening on the Fifty Shades Darker set. Bella Heathcote's scenes have been filmed and Eric Johnson is in action. But a series of behind-the-scenes pics of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan shows us that the chemistry between the two of them is sizzling and Jamie likes to have fun. Yes, even Mr. Serious -- Mr. Grey. We've learned that the guy who plays him has quite a playful side, as it turns out. 

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There is a lot of buzz from Fifty Shades fans that perhaps there is a little something missing between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, IRL. But with all that heat between the two of them, that certainly can't be true. I mean, can we all just think about some of those love scenes? Those couldn't happen if there wasn't any affection between the two. Recently some behind-the-scenes photos were released showing the two leads being chummy. And if anyone has ever doubted the chemistry between Dakota and Jamie as Ana and Christian, here is proof that there is no need to worry. Fifty Shades Darker is fifty shades hotter.

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Read on to see these exclusive BTS photos and decide if our Christian and Ana are feeling the good vibes. 

  • Have umbrella? Play golf.


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    In what may be one of the more adorable moments captured during the filming of Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan is playing golf with his umbrella. Next to Dakota Johnson! Who seems to want to give it a go as well!

  • Other uses for that umbrella.


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    We knew what you were thinking -- other uses for umbrella?! Okay, okay, maybe it's just our mind that is warped. No matter, Jamie holding an umbrella next to Dakota, as Christian and Ana ... now that's a bit of sunshine.

  • Those smiles.


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    We are in love with these two right now -- those smiles!

  • A fight?


    Image via Splash News

    Something seems amiss between Dakota and Jamie ... or should we say Ana and Christian. Mr. Grey has quite a look on his face. They probably hugged and laughed when the director yelled "Cut!"

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  • Serious discussion.


    Image via Splash News

    Oh yeah. This is definitely a conflict scene. Jamie as Christian is pissed about something.

  • Bangin'.


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    There is no denying the perfection that is Anastasia Steele's bangs.

  • Determined.


    Image via Splash News

    Our Christian Grey looks determined here. Ana seems a bit mischievous.

  • Ana + Christian forever.


    Image via Splash News

    We're suckers for Ana and Christian holding hands (along with other things) and here is our cherry on top ... for now.

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