'Fifty Shades Darker' Filming Has Been Cancelled

fifty shades darker filmingCiting issues with chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, along with Dornan's desire to be home with his newborn and 2-year-old daughters, Fifty Shades Darker has ceased filming. Some felt it was inevitable, but we are shocked.


The reasons go beyond the lackluster passion between our Ana and Christian. There was a lot of tension between them, and not the kind that can translate into a lust-driven sexy scene in the red room of pain. Dornan just couldn't slip back into being a man who wants to spank and tie up his lover, and Dakota grew increasingly frustrated with his lack of performance. Just like some lovers do, these two on-screen loves quarrelled a bit too much.

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That in turn caused director James Foley to get angry and argue with producer Dana Brunetti. Foley seemed to take the side of Dornan and wanted to give the guy some time off to nest a bit with his family. He thought they could film scenes that Christian wasn't in until Dornan was ready to fully return to work. But Brunetti wasn't having it. And then EL James got involved along with her husband and screenwriter Niall Leonard. Almost everyone felt Dornan should just get on with it. I mean, they had Kim Basinger all set to play Elena Lincoln -- that was jackpot. But it wasn't happening. While there were rumors that Dornan was going to be replaced, what happened was that he walked off ... along with Foley, who couldn't handle the bickering from Brunetti, James, and Leonard.

We are having a hard time with this one. Our jaws are open in shock. There was so much potential here. We need to know what happens in the love story of Ana and Christian ... beyond what we read in the books. We need to see it happen. And the only way we could is if they get a new director and new Christian Grey.

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Dakota flipped out and called Charlie Hunnam, the OG Grey. And get this ... he said YES! So now they are attempting to sort this whole thing out. Since Dornan was our consolation prize after Hunnam quit Fifty Shades of Grey, it makes total sense that Hunnam is our consolation prize with Dornan leaving Darker. But you know what's even more bananas? More crazy than the fact that they use the term "kinky f-ckery" in this oh so anticipated film? The fact that this whole thing isn't true.


Don't hate us. But admit it ... it was fun fantasizing about Hunnam again, wasn't it?


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