13 Reasons We're More Excited for 'Fifty Shades Darker' Than We Were for 'Grey'

Michele Zipp | Apr 1, 2016 Movies

fifty shades darkerThe anticipation for Fifty Shades of Grey was huge, but it's even bigger for Fifty Shades Darker. We know Anastasia Steele. We are figuring out Christian Grey. And now we want more. And we're getting it.

With an extra cherry on top. That cherry is the fact that Darker will be a thriller -- it's taking the love story of Ana and Christian and adding twists and new characters and so many new experiences that we cannot wait to experience. Here are 13 reasons we are more excited for Fifty Shades Darker than we were for Fifty Shades of Grey.


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  • Because Dakota told us to be.


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    Our Anastasia Steele let us know that there is good reason to be very excited about Darker -- and it's all about a new spin the second installment is going to have. If Dakota is excited, then that makes us even more excited.

  • Girl, this is thriller.


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    Darker is called Darker because it is a thriller -- so much intensity in this second installment. And because we know what we saw in Fifty Shades of Grey, knowing that this next one will be even more intense ... well, if that's not exciting I'm not sure what is.

  • Because ... Kim Basinger!


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    Kim Basinger is the perfect Elena Lincoln. Perfect! She is Mrs. Robinson, the woman who taught Christian the ways of being in a dom/sub relationship, and she was the dom who inspired Christian to become one. We cannot wait to see the interactions between her and Ana.

  • And even more new cast members.


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    Besides Kim Basinger, there are so many other beautiful faces added to the cast of Darker. Boyce Fox, the first author Ana signs, is played by Tyler Hoechlin. Christian's nemesis Jack Hyde is played by Eric Johnson. And Mr. Grey's ex submissive Leila Williams is played by Bella Heathcote. Talk about thickening the plot!

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  • 'Darker' delves deeper.


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    We only grazed the surface in Fifty Shades of Grey. Only some light spanks (okay, a few harder ones, too). But Darker goes further, deeper, harder ... and we cannot wait for that kind of intensity.

  • More nudity.


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    We are not afraid to admit this: We want more nudity and we cannot wait to see it in Fifty Shades Darker. There is the slight chance that Jamie Dornan will give us a full frontal (slight), but we did see quite a lot in the first installment. What is a film about love, lust, and discovering passion without a lot of skin?

  • For love.


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    At its core, Darker (yes, even the darker Darker) is a love story -- the tale of Ana and Christian, learning about each other's likes and dislikes, with exes trying to sabotage them, and jealousy brewing everywhere you turn. Ah, love. We love love.

  • The soundtrack.


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    The music of Fifty Shades of Grey was spectacular and earned several Grammy nods. Songs included "Earned It" by The Weeknd, "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding, "I Put a Spell on You" by Annie Lennox, and "Haunted" by Beyonce. Seriously amazing. The Darker soundtrack has got to be as incredible, if not better.

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  • Ana gets bolder.


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    While Ana is still going to be Ana, something changes in her in the second installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. She is a bit bolder, and there is a role reversal of sorts.

  • Because that elevator scene really left us hanging.


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    We were left wanting Ana and Christian to spend a lot of sexy time in that elevator, but that didn't happen. Instead we were left wondering what happened after all that. And this is the point where things get really interesting. Fifty Shades of Grey set us up with a basic story. Fifty Shades Darker really lets us in to what is really going on.

  • New screenwriter.


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    With EL James's husband Niall Leonard on screenwriting duty, this guarantees us something different, since the first screenplay was written by Kelly Marcel.

  • Christian Grey's beard.


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    We are not sure what it is about a man with a beard, but we do know that Christian Grey with some scruff is off-the-charts hot, making this one reason we are excited for Darker. Christian doesn't exactly seem like the beard type, so the fact that he is sporting one is quite curious.

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  • It will deliver your new favorite phrase.


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    While we never got used to (or loved) the phrase "Laters, baby," it was the buzzworthy phrase from Fifty Shades of Grey. Darker's catchphrase is 3,000 times better. It's "kinky f-ckery" and it's a phrase we'll hear from both Ana and Christian if the script stays true to the book.

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