12 Hottest Christian Grey Moments From 'Fifty Shades Darker' So Far (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Mar 29, 2016 Movies
12 Hottest Christian Grey Moments From 'Fifty Shades Darker' So Far (PHOTOS)

fifty shades darker set jamie dornanWe are rife with anticipation to see Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker. The suspense, the intrigue, the sexiness -- we truly cannot wait until next year when the film premieres. Thankfully we have an inside look into Christian Grey's hottest moments on set so far.

Things are a little different this time around -- new characters are being introduced, the relationship between Ana and Christian falls apart and then deepens, and Mr. Grey sports a bit of a beard. (And of course he wears it well.) These sneak peeks of Christian Grey in action are exactly what we need to keep the intrigue going ... and fulfill some fantasies.


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  • Look of surprise.


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    It's not often we get a look of surprise from Christian Grey, but here it is.

  • Hello.


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    Oh Jamie ... um ... Christian ... why yes, dinner sounds lovely.

  • Intensity.


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    We do get to see Mr. Grey with looks of intensity, but this one is quite curious. Just what is he looking at? Is it Ana? Is he seeing something he doesn't quite like? No matter what it is, my word this man is sexy.

  • Best medicine.


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    Laughter. Dornan as Grey. Fifty Shades Darker. All things that are "the best medicine."

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  • Big on charm.


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    Oh when you're smiling ... the whole world smiles at you. We certainly are.

  • What he does to Ana.


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    We don't even need to see Christian Grey's face here, since it's all about Ana's reaction to him. A man who can make you smile like that? Now that's sexy.

  • As prey.


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    As a dom, Christian is usually seen dominating in all situations, but here he is a bit off guard. This is the scene where he is stalked by his ex Leila Williams (played by Bella Heathcote), and it's adorable to see Mr. Grey a bit (dare we say) vulnerable.

  • A bit of scruff.


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    We're a bit speechless over here. Christian with a bit of scruff with that suit on and that look is fifty kinds of hot.

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  • That smile.


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    It's charming to see Jamie Dornan laughing on set -- because this has to be during a non-filming moment. Or would Christian laugh that hard?

  • The kiss.


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    Kissing in the rain is something everyone should do -- it's one of those movie moments. And here it is for Fifty Shades Darker. Seeing Mr. Grey in this "in love" state is the stuff of dreams.

  • Model behavior.


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    Jamie was a model before he got into acting, and everything he learned from those days has paid off. He makes standing with an umbrella look sexy.

  • In Grey's arms.


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    While filming an intense scene, Jamie sure knows how to slip into character playing a very concerned Christian Grey.

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