Rumors Fly That Jamie Dornan Just Isn't into Being Christian Grey Anymore


jamie dornan fifty shades darker setOf course there are the naysayers saying that there is trouble on the set of Fifty Shades Darker, because what would this film be without them? But the latest rumors are involving Jamie Dornan and his inability to transform into Christian Grey due to his new little bundle at home.


During the break between movies, Jamie and his wife Amelia Warner were cozy at home with their 2-year-old daughter Dulcie and also awaiting the arrival of their second child, another girl. Details on the new arrival are scarce, but her recent birth has some saying that this is the very reason Jamie isn't fully present on the set and he's having a hard time slipping into the role of Mr. Dominant, Christian Grey.

We're finding that very hard to believe. (Stress on hard.)

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This guy's a professional. He's our Mr. Grey! He knows how to balance work and life -- at least he seems to. As we all know, that is a tough thing to figure out for parents, but he's doing the best he can. And he seems to be a really mindful guy -- he's probably flying back and forth to make sure he is at home for all the important moments. He's got to focus on his wife and kids right now, and I'm going out on a limb to say that I would bet that everyone on Fifty Shades Darker is supporting that. This is their second go-around with this franchise -- they are all like family in a difference way. Plus, the behind-the-scenes clips not only show the cast in action, but they also show when the cameras aren't rolling. Judging by the snaps, there are some majorly good vibes between cast members and crew. That makes me believe that everyone is truly supportive of Jamie and his family duties.

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Still, the insiders (aka naysayers) are rumbling about how Dornan is distracted and not happy and there is no chemistry between him and Dakota. Ho hum. Sure sounds familiar. Which is why I don't believe a word of it. Some said there was no chemistry for the first film, and for those of us who saw it, we can say that wasn't the case at all. Jamie is Christian Grey. Maybe not at home when he is Daddy and loving husband, but when he's on set it's total dominance (except when Ana asserts herself ... which starts to happen more in Darker).


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