Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Caught Filming Cozy 'Fifty Shades Darker' Scene (PHOTOS)

dakota johnsonDakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan went out to a restaurant. But it wasn't just any kind of "date" -- it was on set for the filming of Fifty Shades Darker, and we have the pics for all the behind-the-scenes action.


There were a lot of emotions going on between our Ana and Christian. While filming at Water St. Cafe in Vancouver, Dakota and Jamie had what appeared to be some happy, sad, and in-between moments.

Jamie, I mean Christian, wore a fitted grey pullover. Perfect color. His scruff still there. He's looking as handsome as ever.

jamie dornan

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Here we see Ana laughing though Christian looks serious. It appears the server is at their table and maybe Ana was a little chilly -- she's seen here wearing a casual black zip-up sweatshirt. Could it be Christian's?

Also is that a to-go coffee cup she's clutching?

dakota johnson on set fifty shades darker

Here is a more serious scene. Ana looks concerned. Christian looks to be explaining something to her. Is he talking to her about his past with Elena? Or maybe detailing a bit about Leila? Here's proof you can't escape your past by trips to the hardware store, Mr. Grey. You can't spank the baggage away.

fifty shades darker set

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Here's a shot we won't see in the film -- it's someone from the set explaining something to the actors. Dakota looks a little pensive. I love that aubergine color on her. Jamie looks like he's about to say, "Okay, got it." The other person at the table next to them seems to be involved in what is being said, too.

jamie dornan fifty shades darker set

I have a feeling that the Water St. Cafe just got a little more popular thanks to Fifty Shades filming there. May I have the Jamie Dornan chair, please?


Images via R Chiang/Splash News

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