Bella Heathcote Said 'Fifty Shades Darker' Set Is So Different Than She Imagined

bella heathcoteBella Heathcote landed the plum role of Christian Grey's ex Leila Williams in Fifty Shades Darker, but her first day on the job was a nervous one. With all the hype surrounding the movie and its stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, Heathcote wasn't sure how she would fit in.


Heathcote's role is a bit daunting. As Leila Williams, Grey's ex-submissive, lots of eyes were going to be on her. Plus, her character has a lot of problems (bloody wrists!) and seeks out conflict with Anastasia Steele (stalker!). She's a key part in many dramatic scenes. Getting along with Dakota Johnson would be key to making it all work. And how exactly do you work alongside the gorgeous Jamie Dornan without completely losing it?

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That's what actors do, of course. They seamlessly step into a role as if it was no big deal. But 28-year-old Heathcote wasn't afraid to spill some of her concerns to People magazine. She had some fears about being the "new kid at school," since the main stars already filmed Fifty Shades of Grey and all have that camaraderie already. With this second installment, would they be welcoming to the newbies? Of course Dakota and Jamie welcomed her in with ropes in hand. I mean, with open arms.

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Heathcote said she was a little surprised with how chill everyone was on set -- very different with how she imagined it to be -- and that Jamie is nothing like the dominant Mr. Grey. In real life, Jamie is "a super laid-back Irish man with a great sense of humor," she said. And she added that he is "super handsome." Yes. Yes, he is.


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