Jamie Dornan's Hometown Is Suddenly Full of Sex-Crazed 'Fifty Shades' Fans

jamie dornanFans of Fifty Shades of Grey, and the man who plays Christian Grey in particular, are finding it hard to control their urges and are heading to Jamie Dornan's hometown to have sex. We knew the movie made many hot and bothered, but this is a whole other level of desire.


I can't debate vacation sex -- it's one of the things that keeps relationships alive. People love getting it on away from home. But this is slightly different. This is all about Jamie. The man is certainly sexy, but it's not like he is Christian Grey -- he's Jamie Dornan, an actor who plays one hell of a sexy man (who does the naughtiest things) on the big screen. These fans are going to the place where Dornan lives (with his wife and child, mind you) and finding a lovely spot for a little roll in the hay. I suppose people are convincing their significant others that a pilgrimage to Jamie's town would be a passion-filled vacay.

Hey, whatever works!

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I just looked up the town where Dornan lives, and Chalford, Gloucestershire, is lovely with expansive greens and castle-like homes. These mega-fans are traveling in from all over the globe to Dornan's little town so they can drive by his home and hope for a glimpse, but no matter what, they take themselves to Frith Wood, a beautiful wooded area, to get it on.

Wait a minute. To the woods?!?

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Fascinating. Also weird. Maybe fans learn about how beautiful it is where Jamie lives and feel they must visit and then get all hot and bothered thinking about him that they just cannot control their desires. But heading to the forest is a bit odd. I think even Christian would think so. For those people, I have an idea. Someone should buy up a lovely property nearby and make it a most swanky hotel -- something Christian Grey would approve of, of course. But it must be discrete, because that is the Grey way. This way those who cannot control their sexual urges have a proper place to go to take care of business. Who's in?


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