Jamie Dornan Gets Our Hearts Racing by Being All Chivalrous on 'Fifty Shades' Set (PHOTOS)

dakota johnson jamie dornanIn between kissing scenes on the Fifty Shades Darker set, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan really connected in a whole other way. Chemistry? It is there. Chivalry? Oh yes! Dornan is making our hearts swoon with all his gestures.


Not only were they filming scenes kissing under an umbrella (hot!), but Dornan continued his kindness to Johnson by holding the umbrella over her while on set between takes so she wouldn't get her perfect Anastasia Steele hair all messed up. (Even hotter.)

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Isn't this adorable? There's even more. During another take, Johnson got something in her eye and there was Dornan carefully looking to see if he could help her get it out.

dakota johnson jamie dornan

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Remember leading up to the first move (and even after) when there was so much chatter about the lack of chemistry between Dakota and Jamie? I thought it was all just a bunch of nonsense. But for anyone still holding on to the notion that these two don't connect when the cameras aren't rolling or that they despise each other, here we can clearly see that they are most amicable coworkers. Best buds. Now, I'm not fueling any other rumors that there is more to this friendship either -- they just work really well together. Perhaps they are even the type to have dinner with Jamie's wife Amelia Warner and baby Dulcie, too. Like coworkers sometimes do.

No matter what they do off set, I love that on set they are really connecting, which will only make the sequel hotter.


Images via R Chiang/Splash News

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