Jack Hyde's 'Fifty Shades Darker' Pics Show the Tense Moments He's Creating (PHOTOS)

jack hyde ana steel fifty shades darkerWith the bad guy Jack Hyde played by Eric Johnson on the Fifty Shades Darker set, we can be assured of one thing -- things are getting tense. The following scenes show the turmoil Hyde puts our Ana (Dakota Johnson) through and gives us a good look at Christian's nemesis.


We meet Hyde in Darker since he plays Ana's boss at Seattle Independent Publishers. He hires her as an intern, but we learn this has little to do with her qualifications and more to do with the fact that she is with Christian Grey. Jack and Christian go way back -- to the days they were both in an orphanage. And there is quite a bit of rivalry that has gone on between the two since then. 

But we don't learn the full extent of Jack's awfulness until he starts calling Ana "Honey" at work and then full-on inappropriateness ensues.

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These stills show what is happening on set in recent days. And piecing it together, it looks like we get to see Jack plotting his disgusting-ness with Ana. They at first seem to be getting along -- he's there with his charm, floppy hair, and denim-with-a-suit-jacket look; he seems to sort of be there for Ana when she is approached by Grey's ex Leila Williams (played by Bella Heathcote). But then they go back into the office and things take a turn for the worse.

jack hyde fifty shades darker

fifty shades darker set

fifty shades darker

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dakota johnson max martiniIt seems that Ana gets the heck out of that office after Jack's unwanted and very strong advances, running into the arms of Christian, who is mad as hell and wants to tear Jack a new one. So many complicated things happening here -- with Leila, too. It all adds to the reason the second installment of Fifty Shades of Grey is called Darker.

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Hyde looks so smug. And in that final pic, there is Ana with Grey's bodyguard Jason Taylor (played by Max Martini). It appears that she may have had to return to the office for some reason and Taylor was there to help her.

There are so many side story lines going on in Darker, way beyond what happens in the red room of pain. Seeing Jack Hyde and the havoc that surrounds him is just one of the many reasons we can't wait for the sequel.


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