Here's Our First Glimpse of Leila Williams in 'Fifty Shades Darker' (PHOTOS)

bella heathcoteIt's incredible how Fifty Shades of Grey can transform people. The film made Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan stars overnight, but wait until you see what Fifty Shades Darker is doing to Bella Heathcote. The actress who is playing Grey's ex Leila Williams is totally unrecognizable in these behind-the-scenes photos.


Before becoming Leila, Christian's slightly psycho ex, Heathcote was blonde and bright. But in Darker, she takes on a whole new look.

bella heathcote fifty shades darker

bella heathcote fifty shades darker

bella heathcote dakota johnson eric fifty shades darker

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I have to say that despite her bandaged wrist and withdrawn-looking face, her outfit is adorable. Sure a little heavy on the drab colors, but it's a look I quite fancy. I'm not sure it's exactly something that Ana would wear -- too grungy and not enough feminine flair. But it's close -- a few different accents could make this look a little more Ana-esque. And that might happen because fans know that Leila stalks Ana and Ana is a bit unnerved with the fact that she and Leila look so much alike.

But there's that whole slashing-her-wrists bit.

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Also in these pics Ana seems concerned about her; she's clearly seeing the bloody bandage -- this may be a scene before even more craziness goes down. It's just Ana ... trying to be nice to Christian's ex because she's Anastasia Steele, of course. Miss Understanding. Jack Hyde is there, too -- the character played by Eric Johnson. Little does Ana know that she is surrounded by monsters.

Heathcote is going to be the new one to watch -- I can feel the 28-year-old's star rising already.


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