Suck It, Dudebros: The First 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Is Here & It Is Everything

Dear Internet Dudebros: Remember when you first heard that a Ghostbusters remake was in the works and it featured an all-female cast and you collectively sat in your mommies' basements and wept into your Cheetos-stained hands because you just couldn't deal? Well, the first ALL-FEMALE Ghostbusters trailer is here and it looks amazing.


For those of us die-hard fans of the original Ghostbusters, this remake looks just as great, if not better, than the original: 


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Even Slimer is in the trailer! 

I cannot wait to see this movie and take my kids -- including my young daughter, who has always known that chicks can bust ghosts, too -- and then take them all to Target to buy some all-female Ghostbuster toys, because you know they can't leave out the female action figures and only include Chris Hemsworth on this one. 

Movies with female casts do make money, and so do movies with diverse casts, and as a mom I think it's so important that my kids see movies that reflect the great big world they live in on the silver screen. I hope for my daughter that Ghostbusters is just the start of many more movies with a strong female cast to come. There is nothing about busting ghosts that requires a penis. It didn't require it in 1984 and it doesn't now. 

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I bet all the crybaby men who fussed so hard about lady Ghostbusters will be lining up to see it too. And maybe finally saying, "I ain't afraid of no all female-reboot." 

Image via IMDb

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