Jamie Dornan Is All Sorts of Hot on 'Fifty Shades Darker' Set (PHOTO)

jamie dornanJamie Dornan has been spotted on the set of Fifty Shades Darker, and our Christian Grey seems to have effortlessly slipped back into his dominating role. Gone is the major Dornan scruff -- instead he seems to really be wearing 50 shades of gray.


Gray suit. Blue-gray tie. Blue-gray shirt. But look! That's quite a beard for Christian Grey.

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Maybe he was heading to the makeup room where he will be shaved. Or shave himself. Not sure how that works in Hollywood or what Jamie's preferences are. But maybe Christian's "darker" business includes facial hair. I wonder what Ana would think of that? I'm going to assume that because she likes the Black Keys (due to her wearing the band T-shirt in the first film) she likes a beard on a guy, too. Maybe Christian's doing this for her! Maybe I am reading way too much into this.

Just seeing Dornan on set is exciting. This is the guy. We talk so much about Dakota Johnson because she's offered us a bit more during the Fifty Shades downtime, so it's extra exciting to have Dornan on our minds again. Plus ... just LOOK at him.

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The Darker crew is in Vancouver, Canada right now; also seen on set were new costars Eric Johnson and Max Martini. Johnson is playing Christian's nemesis Jack Hyde, and Martini will be Grey's bodyguard Jason Taylor. Things are really heating up.


Image via James Higgins/Splash News

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