A Real, Live Millennial Decodes Twitter's #MillennialOscarCategories

As a millennial, I'm keenly (and sometimes painfully) aware of the stereotypes that exist within my own generation. Heck, I ascribe to many of them. I prefer avocado toast over cereal. I'm addicted to my iPhone. My rent is the only bill I don't pay online, and every month I have to remember where I put my checkbook. Because I'm part of this weird and mostly wonderful group of people, I can totally laugh at #MillennialOscarCategories, which was trending on Twitter this week.


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Here are some of my favorite tweets with the hashtag, and what they really say about my generation.

Hey, we grew up in the era of participation trophies. It's made for a tough adulthood for some of us, who still expect to be told that we're special snowflakes. It's good to be reminded that celebrating excellence is actually a good thing.

This one is interchangeable with helicopter parents. Our parents loved us, OK? Who cares if we didn't learn to tie our shoes until we were seven?

What did I say about avocado toast? Do not. Knock. Avocado toast. It is the food of the gods. The end.

Valencia to make colors pop, Rise to tone them down. When in doubt, use Mayfair. It basically turns us all into award-winning photographers. Trust the millennial on this. 

I can't even with this one. Not even a little.

We're not content with just taking our own selfies, we somehow feel the need to hilariously insert ourselves into other people's selfies. The winner of this category is, of course, Jennifer Lawrence.

What else are we supposed to do when we see something cool other than use the tiny mobile device that's basically permanently attached to our hand to film it?

Like anyone even watched this. They were too busy chilling to actually Netflix. Duh.

A picture is worth a thousand words, you guys. And besides, creative use of emojis saves valuable thumb-energy.

Ahh, God bless it. Because if we couldn't laugh about it, we'd be crying.



Image via © Ringo Chiu/ZUMA Press/Corbis

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