Dakota Johnson Had No Choice but to Use a Butt Double in 'Fifty Shades'

dakota johnson how to be singlePrevious reports have led us to believe that Dakota Johnson had a butt double in Fifty Shades of Grey because all those lashings would be too much for one backside to handle. As it turns out, there is another reason.


Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey revealed to the New York Times that Dakota had a butt double because of a certain tattoo on her behind. I knew she has tattoos, but I didn't know about the one back there. How intriguing! This detail from McGarvey is interesting because Dakota said just last year that she used a butt double because she didn't want to get hit with a belt.

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Are we ever going to get to the bottom of this?! Was Dakota trying to hide the fact that she has some ink on her backside? Doubtful, because she just doesn't seem like the type. She also wouldn't have signed on to play a submissive if she was that hung up on not getting spanked. So what is this all about? Maybe it's a mix of the two reasons.

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We know that someone like Anastasia Steele would never have a butt tattoo, and cover-up for ink back there is probably a little more challenging. And besides, too many spankings in one day's worth of work can be rough. Maybe we see Dakota's butt some of the time but when it's something a little more hardcore, we see a butt double -- as to avoid the pain from the lashings and enduring tattoo cover-up makeup. The choice wasn't exactly Dakota's, but I'm sure she wasn't protesting.

Now all I can think about is what this tattoo on Dakota's butt is all about.


Image via James Higgins/Splash News

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