Jamie Dornan's Costar Says He's Nothing Like Christian Grey

He may not be afraid to get it on in front of the cameras for Fifty Shades of Grey, but one of Jamie Dornan's costars says he's actually really shy. What would Christian Grey think of that?


In an interview with the Daily Star, actress Aoihbin Garrihy, who played Lyndsey Conklin in one episode of Jamie's TV series The Fall, says the actor is completely unassuming and doesn't consider himself a sex symbol in the least. She went on to say he seemed super shy on set, yet remained incredibly hardworking.

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We're not completely surprised. They don't call it acting for nothin', and it's just a testament to Jamie's professionalism that he can get into character to play someone like Christian, who's not at all like himself in real life.

And it's not like Jamie is gallivanting around town acting like the life of every Hollywood party. He seems like a pretty chill family guy, in our humble opinion.

Of course, keep in mind that Aoihbin literally only acted alongside Jamie in one single episode of The Fall, so she might not exactly be an authority on his personality as a whole. But we're cool with our on-screen Christian being a quiet, sensible guy in his own life. Because, again, acting.


Image via Ron Asadorian/Splash News

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