Dakota Johnson Would Like to Just Pretend She Has An Ordinary Life

dakota johnsonGrowing up with a famous mom (Melanie Griffith) and a famous dad (Don Johnson), Dakota Johnson didn't exactly have a typical upbringing. Even still, Dakota admits that she fantasizes about having an ordinary life someday though stops short about the notion of "settling down."


In March's Marie Claire issue, Johnson shared how the whole being a soccer mom and making dinner for when husband comes home idea "seems really nice" due to the fact this wasn't something she experienced as a kid. I would imagine growing up in her house there were lavish bean bags and chefs making sushi for the family, but what do I know?

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The whole idea of a typical family setting "seems so enticing" Dakota said. But we shouldn't expect her to do the whole walk down the aisle, pop out some kids, and making pasta dinners on Sunday just yet. It's not really her thing right now and not something she's thinking about actually doing. She's loving the single life (yep, single) and how she sees it, she can have it all -- all those fantasies about the other things in life -- thanks to a little Hollywood perk. 

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It seems that to quiet those little desires of having an ordinary life, all she had to do is take on a role where the character has an ordinary life. She knows it's bizarre, but being a star is kind of odd when you really think about it. Of course, she's not thinking about any of those things because she just starting out in her career, she's establishing herself in Hollywood and doing a great job. Make all that money now so you can retire early, Dakota! Plus, she's only 26-years-old -- no rush for anything. For now, she can just try on those roles for size.


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