Rebel Wilson Tempted by Role in 'Fifty Shades Freed'

dakota johnson leslie mann rebel wilson alison brieDakota Johnson has gushed over the honor it was to work with Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie for the film How to Be Single, but now her costars are saying they want to be in Fifty Shades Freed. Could you imagine?!


We sure can. Alison Brie would make an excellent ex-girlfriend of Christian's. Or someone who works for him and gives the eye to Anastasia when she's around. Competition! Leslie Mann just seems like she would be great in a super kinky role. That voice of hers ... I love her. I could see her shouting commands as a dom or even getting her own lashes as a submissive. Or I could see her cast as Ana's mentor. 

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And then we have Rebel Wilson, who openly declared that Dakota told her there was a role perfect for her in the third installment. It was as a dominatrix, and we are wishing on every star that this is true. How cool would it be to see Rebel in a "serious" role? Or maybe she would be the comedic dom, spilling secrets to Ana, giving her hints on some sexytime stuff. Now this would make it all a whole different trilogy.

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It's very clear these ladies had a lot of fun making How to Be Single together, so why wouldn't they want to continue the fun over to Fifty Shades? I can't help but wonder how Jamie Dornan would feel about all of this.


Image via Johns PKI/Splash News

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