'Fifty Shades Darker' Is Set to Film in the Most Romantic Location

jamie dornan dakota johnsonThings are moving right along for Fifty Shades Darker. We have our Elena cast with the incredible Kim Basinger, and now it's been announced that the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey will be filmed in Paris. Talk about romantic!


This is not only incredible for the film, but it is also great for Paris after the terror attacks in November. How we love Paris, the City of Light, the city of love. It was announced that Fifty Shades Darker has a time frame for shooting there and it will be before the end of June with several days of shooting planned.

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This is great news for fans, as we know that movies can sometimes hit a snag, and there was some concern about contracts and money and who was going to be cast as the new characters in the film. Things seem to be moving right along -- Dakota must be preparing her bangs and her lips because we all know the role of Anastasia Steele requires a lot of lip biting.

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Not only is the film called Darker, but it is also said to be darker this time, too. More of a thriller, more suspense -- and not just of the sexual variety. With this announcement, along with Basinger as Christian's OD (Original Dom), I'm thinking the sequel is (dare I say) going to be even better than the first installment.

I know I can't wait to hear Christian Grey speak French, because you know he knows how.


Image via Karadshow/Splash News

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