Dakota Johnson Loves Being Single but Really Misses One Thing (VIDEO)

Depending on the type of person you are, being single can really suck. When she's in between relationships, Dakota Johnson reveals the worst part of being single, and it's a good one.


In an interview with E! News in support of her new flick How to Be Single, the actress admits she misses being "cuddled up" the most when she isn't dating anyone. She's such a big fan of the cozy couple activity that she even declares, "Cuddling is the best."

On the other hand, Dakota admits that being single can also be pretty great because you never have to consider another person's schedule and can basically do whatever the hell you want, which does sound pretty blissful as well.

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Dakota's How to Be Single costars weighed in on the topic as well, as you can see in this clip from E! News.

We personally love Rebel Wilson's reason for enjoying the single life the best. We hate it when our significant other eats the leftovers we've been saving in the fridge!

But, seriously, who knew Dakota was so warm and fuzzy with her love of cuddles? That's a far cry from Anastasia Steele if we do say so ourselves.


Image via Felipe Ramales/Splash News

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