Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Are Reportedly Feuding Like Teenagers

We've heard a lot of silly Hollywood feud stories in our day, but this one might take the cake. Rumors are buzzing that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are at odds over who is more popular. It's like junior high school for adults!


Gossips are alleging the two are involved in a feud because Dakota has been scoring more high-profile feature film roles than Jamie since Fifty Shades's debut a year ago. They also go on to say the rumors are totally unsubstantiated ... but let's talk about them anyway!

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This news feels so far-fetched we can't even wrap our heads around it. For starters, since Fifty Shades Darker hasn't even gone into production yet, we doubt Jamie and Dakota have even been in the same room of late to start said feud. They are both working actors who have way bigger fish to fry than to argue over who is more popular.

Sure, Dakota is really racking up the film credits on IMDb these days, but Jamie is still working in both TV and movies, so we're fairly certain he's not feeling the heat of being less successful than his costar.

This feels like just another case of the Internet trying to drum up something to talk about in regards to the relationship between Dakota and Jamie (or lack thereof). We're not buying it. At all.


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