Dakota Johnson Watched Her Parents Get It On With Other People

dakota johnson melanieDuring a very strange confessional interview with The Edit magazine, Dakota Johnson admitted that as a kid, she watched her parents have sex with other people. My ears! My ears! I just can't with this one.


Growing up with two famous parents -- Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith -- this makes sense, I suppose. This "sex" with other people was on movie sets, so fake sex. It's only acting right? And sometimes it's take your kids to work day. Clearly, being the good parents that they are, both Don and Melanie toted their kids around when they had to on movie sets. They are parents just like the rest of us. They have to deal with sick days and all of that. And there is always that day when the kids are just curious as to what Mom and Dad do and they want to go to see what this work is all about. And so off to work Dakota went. But maybe on days she shouldn't have been there.

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Dakota admitted, "But there were also things I could see that I didn't want to, like watch my parents have sex with other people." 

Strange. Let's remember that Dakota's parents said they would not watch Fifty Shades of Grey because of -- well, you know why. But yet Dakota was subjected to it as a kid? Worse things have happened in the land of Hollyweird so I'm not going to harp on it. What ended up bothering Dakota the most was seeing her mom getting slapped in the face during a scene she was filming -- she couldn't handle it.

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I don't blame her -- you can only blur the lines between real and film so much, especially for a kid. Plus, a slap is a slap is a slap. Maybe that's why Dakota has a butt double in Fifty Shades. But it's not that you can tell that in the film. I suppose seeing your daughter getting spanked for pleasure is worse than seeing your mom getting slapped in the face ... even if it is just for the movies.


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