Dakota Johnson Shares Her Inhibitions Regarding 'Fifty Shades Darker'

dakota johnsonDakota Johnson sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss -- with a bit of physical discomfort -- how she is getting ready for Fifty Shades Darker. She confirmed that it is a thriller, and Johnson let us in on her inhibitions and how those scenes are very challenging to do.


On the show, Dakota is sitting with Leslie Mann. Brave girl. The last time she was that close to Mann she had a wardrobe malfunction. That didn't happen here. But it was interesting to see how Leslie seemed so motherly to Dakota. And Dakota just looked a little uncomfortable talking about it all. Adds to her charm. She seems so shy and yet she's Anastasia Steele!

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It was exciting to hear that Dakota is preparing for her role in Fifty Shades, which means things are rolling along. Maybe. She's working out and exercising and perhaps preparing her butt for a bit of spanking. How does one do that, you wonder? I have no idea! Though maybe that's not a concern since she did use a butt double in the first installment.

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And then she hits us with it -- how it is never comfortable to do "those" scenes -- and we of course flash to "those" scenes in our minds. Oh, Christian Grey, how we miss you! Dakota goes on to explain the very technical side of things behind the scenes and talks about how there are specific movements and choreography to learn. Awkward! Plus, there are of course a ton of people in the room with cameras and lights and people telling her how to move. Talk about wacky. It's incredible that anyone can make a sex scene look sexy when you think about it that way. But Dakota and Jamie Dornan sure do make it look sexy.

But uninhibited? Dakota's not even close even still.


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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