Jamie Dornan Gets Mobbed by Fans & Handles It Like a Pro

Jamie Dornan's role as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey is making it nearly impossible for him to focus on any other project. Dornan was reportedly swarmed by fans while shooting The Fall in Belfast recently — and it sounds like his stardom may be getting in the way of his ability to concentrate on other roles.


The 33-year-old Irish actor has a reputation as a really nice guy, which might be part of the reason why he is having a difficult time telling fans to give him the privacy he needs to get into the mindset of psycho killer Paul Spector on the BBC thriller. While shooting scenes for the series in northern Ireland, Jamie has had to deal with a constant influx of fans who want to get close to him. Despite horrible weather, fans keep showing up on set, and Jamie is reportedly way too nice to ask them to leave him be.

It must be pretty nuts for Jamie's crew and costars on The Fall, who began working on the show way back in 2013, before Jamie was the star he has now become. They've experienced this wild ride with him and, although I'm sure it's quite annoying to have to shoo fans away from the set, their viewership has probably exploded thanks to Dornan's turn in Fifty Shades.

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It will be very interesting to see how the folks working on Fifty Shades Darker handle Jamie and Dakota Johnson's fame. Shooting is set to begin in Vancouver in mid-February after a delay that was reportedly brought on by Jamie because he wants to stay by wife Amelia Warner's side as she gives birth to their second child. I wouldn't be surprised if set locations are treated like top secret information — and even that won't keep some fans from tracking Jamie and Dakota down.

At the very least, they can count on Jamie to treat them with kindness and respect.


Image via INFphoto.com/Splash News

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