Dakota Johnson Drops the F-Bomb on 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

There's nothing better than a Fifty Shades of Grey star uncensored — and Dakota Johnson never disappoints. Dakota dropped the F-bomb while appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon after she introduced the talk show host to her favorite "acting game."


Although Fallon is usually the one surprising his celeb guests with absurd and hilarious game requests, the 26-year-old How to Be Single star got a chance to turn the tables on him by requesting that he play one of her games when she appeared on Wednesday night's episode.

"It's called the acting game and I played it once with my family and some friends," Dakota told Jimmy, who looked over the moon and totally down to play a round. The rules are simple: Someone invents a fake scenario for you and you have to do your best to act it out. 

Fallon immediately came up with an amazing scenario for Dakota: "Your fiancé, Darth Vader, is calling to tell you he's leaving you for another woman."

Let the games begin (with a vintage phone — nice touch):

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Ha! It didn't take long for Dakota to really get into character and say something a lot of us would say if our Darth Vader boyfriends called us from another woman's house (at least that's what I presume is going on here). When Fifty Shades first blew up, I got the impression that the actress was a bit standoffish or possibly shy, but recently she has really been letting her personality shine through — from laughing off her near wardrobe malfunction at the People's Choice Awards to unleashing her silly side on Saturday Night Live.

The thing I love most about Dakota is that she isn't the type who cruises around with a famous entourage, nor is she afraid of saying what's on her mind or poking fun at herself or her Fifty Shades role. She seems like your average, awesomely cool woman whom you'd love to befriend and grab a beer with at the pub.

She just so happens to also be ridiculously famous and have the best wardrobe of any celeb we've seen in a while.


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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