'Fifty Shades Darker' Delay Might Really Be All Jamie Dornan's Fault This Time

As you may have already heard, the shooting schedule for Fifty Shades Darker has been delayed, although an official explanation for the setback hasn't been revealed, perhaps, until now. Jamie Dornan is reportedly responsible for pushing back the sequel's shooting date because he's a devoted husband and an even more amazing dad.


The 33-year-old actor and his wife, actress Amelia Warner, are expecting their second baby. According to the latest rumor, Fifty Shades Darker will not begin shooting on February 9, as originally expected, because Jamie wants to be present for his wife as they prepare to welcome their new baby. Amelia's pregnancy was announced in October, when she already showed signs of a baby bump, and it's unclear when she is expected to give birth, but all signs point to soon.

Given the fact that shooting for the sequel has only been delayed until February 15, I'm guessing Jamie and Amelia want that extra time to settle into their new digs in Vancouver, where most of the scenes will be filmed. And I guess that also means Amelia will deliver sometime between, oh, now and February 15? It's all still a bit of a mystery.

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Baby or not, in order to meet a release date of February 2017, something is going to have to give -- and soon. I wonder how long EL James and the film's production team will be willing to wait for Jamie to feel ready to commit to the role of Christian Grey. It must be incredibly difficult for him to have to jump back to work so soon after welcoming a child into their life. Talk about inequality and paternity-leave issues!

The only thing that can make this all better is the lovely paycheck Jamie will earn from shooting both Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed back to back. Little Dulcie and her brother or sister are going to benefit in the long run from Jamie's hard work -- he can feel good about that.


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