'Fifty Shades Darker' Shooting Has Been Delayed ... Again

So much for full steam ahead. Just when we thought everything was in place for Fifty Shade of Grey's much-anticipated sequel to set shooting, we're learning that Fifty Shades Darker has been delayed -- what's the deal?


The second film in EL James's trilogy was set to start shooting in Vancouver on February 9 so that it can meet a release date of February 2017. Filming has reportedly been delayed and will now start on February 15, which isn't a huge deal, but makes us question whether everything is okay on the production side.

At first, it seemed like the biggest drama Fifty Shades faced was hiring a new director after Sam Taylor-Johnson jumped ship, most likely because of her reported conflict with EL James. With James Foley on board and EL James's husband rounding out the team as a writer for the sequel, it seemed like the project had its act together and was ready to roll.

So why the delay?

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Because this is Fifty Shades we're talking about, of course, no one is providing explanations here, so we'll just have to come up with our own theories. For starters, shouldn't more info about casting have been released by now? Is it possible they stlll haven't decided who will play important roles like Mrs. Robinson, Jack Hyde, and Leila Williams? Seems awfully close to shooting to not have that info. Let's just hope a casting director has been hired, at the very least.

The good news here is that Fifty Shades of Grey was also delayed and we know that didn't affect their box office profits. The first film was supposed to begin shooting on November 5, 2013, and things didn't get rolling until December 1. By comparison, the slight delay in the sequel's production is no biggie.

But it would make us all feel a bit better if they'd be more generous with casting info -- any day now, I guess.


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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