Lauren Cohan's Terrifying New Movie 'The Boy' Is a Nanny's Worst Nightmare

If you love scary movies -- especially ones that make you jump out of your seat and include a healthy mix of psychological horror -- you will love The Boy, a new thriller starring The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan.


The Stir chatted with Lauren, who plays Maggie Green on the hit AMC series, all about the new movie directed by William Brent Bell. In The Boy, the 34-year-old star takes on the role of Greta, a nanny who -- wait for it -- is hired to take care of a life-sized doll that her employers, who lost their 8-year-old son 20 years prior, treat like a real boy. Of course, the heartbreaking situation turns into a nightmare when Greta starts to believe that the doll is actually a real boy. Shiver.

The Stir: I loved The Boy. What was it like playing a nanny to a porcelain doll?

Lauren Cohan: Yeah, it was interesting for her -- it's even her first nanny job, which is a great place to start with a doll. But it was good. I mean, the film with these psychological tests was sort of the main challenge in there. You know, she gets there and, for people who haven't seen it, it's this film about a girl who goes to nanny for a small boy and his parents seem way too old to have a child this young and it turns out that having lost their kid they sort of use this doll in place of a child. It's very odd and very sad and it was a really cool experience. I mean I got to sort of explore not just the twists that are in this script, which got me at every single turn reading it, but this girl that got to be extremely changed during the course of it and figure out her mettle. 

The Stir: What draws you to these supernatural and horror roles, like this movie and The Walking Dead? 

Lauren Cohan: I didn't look to do a horror film on that break that I had, and I read this script and I just thought, This is so rad, like I wasn't expecting so many things that happened in the story and I just knew it was going to be fun to shoot, it was going to be fun to watch, I knew it was going to be unique and I think that's what I'm drawn to. With The Walking Dead nobody could have ever anticipated how strong it would be and how sustained the wonder of our show is. But it's just a good story. I like stuff where stuff happens. 

The Stir: I know we cannot discuss any spoilers, but please tell me that your character Maggie on The Walking Dead is going to be a better mother than Lori was on the show.

Lauren Cohan: (laughs) I'm really excited for Maggie's journey with this pregnancy and I'm extremely excited because this is obviously the hardest way to do this. But ... I love the notion that it takes a village to raise a baby and I feel more a sense of community with The Walking Dead and in that family and the way we look out for each other than I think there can be in life nowadays without the threats that they experience. This is a role I'm really excited to portray and to explore. 

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The Stir: Your new haircut is gorgeous. What made you decide to cut it? 

Lauren Cohan: Thank you so much. Actually it's top secret, this hair choice. So thank you. I'm glad it's a hit today. 

The Stir: I'm just going to assume it's a parenting decision your Walking Dead character made, because as a mom I know it's hard to care for a newborn when you have long hair. 

Lauren Cohan: (Laughs)

So basically our favorite characters are just like us. Check out the trailer for The Boy, which opens nationwide on Friday, January 22.


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