'Fifty Shades of Grey' Nominated for Worst Awards in the Industry

It's award season, and Fifty Shades of Grey has been given a nod -- though, not the kind of recognition that would make anyone involved in the steamy flick proud. Fifty Shades was nominated for six Razzie awards that celebrate the absolute worst in film this year.


The annual Raspberry Awards take place the day before the Academy Awards (winners will be announced on February 27) and pay tribute to the cheesiest, most bombastic, most unrealistic films that have been released that year. It's probably not surprising to learn that Fifty Shades, which was all anyone could talk about for months, managed to secure spots in several key categories and will compete against films like Jupiter Ascending, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, and Pixels. If you can't remember any of these films either, that just serves as more proof that they deserve Razzies.

We just know Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are having a good laugh about this: The on-screen duo were nominated for Worst Screen Combo. Jamie is also up for Worst Actor (but, hey, Johnny Depp is a fellow nominee for Mortdecai, so that should make him feel better) and Dakota will join Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Katherine Heigl as Worst Actress contenders.

But that's not all, folks. Fifty Shades was also nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director (Sam Taylor-Johnson), and Worst Screenplay. Get the feeling someone at the Razzies really wasn't buying Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's love story.

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I think we all know Fifty Shades wasn't making it to the Oscars -- and that's okay; there are far more films that get made each year and are never, ever recognized by the film powers that be than movies that actually get Oscar nods. You could argue that if you can't secure an Academy Award nomination, the next best thing is to gain recognition for being one of the worst films anyone has ever seen. At the very least, your movie is on someone's mind, even if it isn't for the right reason.

And anyway, all publicity is good publicity. I think?!


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